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Ousia ['usja], from Greek; "essence" - Ousia Pharma arised from a unique discovery in academia - which quickly transformed into a biotechnology company. Ousia Pharma is paving the way for novel therapeutic strategies for the benefit of patients with metabolic disorders.
Our purpose

About the company

Ousia Pharma uses a proprietary targeting approach in which peptides are used to deliver modulators of synaptic plasticity to drive a potent and sustained weight loss without compromising safety. A main objective of Ousia Pharma is to advance the development of our lead candidate (OP-56) within general and rare-genetic obesity. 

A novel class of disease modifying drugs

According to WHO, more than 2 billion people throughout the world are overweight and more than 650 million are considered obese. This leaves a huge unmet need within obesity treatment and a need for revolutionary drug development. Ousia Pharma is developing anti-obesity treatments with novel mechanism of action for a potent and safe weight loss. Our lead compound carries a dual effect, extracting optimal efficacy from each component.

Lead compound OP-56

Our research into the neurobiology of appetite regulation, identified NMDA receptor (NMDAR) antagonism as a potent pharmacological target for the treatment of obesity. However, the therapeutic utility of NMDAR antagonists is hampered by intolerable dose-dependent adverse effects. Determined to harvest the metabolic benefits of NMDAR antagonism, we have engineered first-in-class peptide-NMDAR antagonist drug conjugates that are currently being developed for the treatment of obesity. 

Meet the team

Meet the team

Ousia Pharma is a preclinical stage company supported by national foundations, experienced researchers and pharmaceutical veterans.
Christoffer Clemmensen, PhD
CEO and Co-founder
Anders B. Klein, PhD
CSO and Co-founder
Jonas Petersen, PhD
COO and Co-founder
Ian Laquian, MSc, MBA
Mikael Thomsen, PhD

Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize the treatment of obesity and metabolic disorders. We can do this by introducing a novel mechanism of action for appetite-lowering drugs - targeting two different receptor systems in the brain creating a synergistic effect for optimized weight loss.
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